Old Favourites

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dining cube chair for website

Just before Christmas I delivered a chair to a customer for whom I have made pieces over the past twenty years. The first piece I made for her was a dining table in elm and yew. This time she wanted a dining chair to match the original table, but because she recently damaged her back, she wanted a chair with good lumbar support. She had tried out the chair I made for the Cube Desk and was impressed with the support provided by the curved back, but she wanted a chair without arms and with a solid seat.  I therefore developed the design, keeping the curved back but creating a narrower more lightweight chair in elm and yew.   She was delighted with the final piece, and I was very pleased to have been able to satisfy a faithful customer !

In the last few weeks it has been a piece of furniture from the past that has attracted interest. Someone who has seen my Curved Stool in the selling exhibition at the Manchester Gallery shop (see Upcoming Events) was sufficiently interested to take a look at my gallery on the NCFM website.  There they saw a coffee table I made 8 years ago in burr elm and cherry with a sycamore and walnut compass motif set into the top.  It was this piece that took their interest and resulted in them getting in touch.


It’s always reassuring to attract new customers, and exciting to develop new designs from scratch, and both are crucial to the success of any business.  But there is something very heartening about making new pieces for long-established customers, or being asked to develop a new ‘take’ on an earlier design.  I wonder what the next ‘blast from the past’ will be !

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